Quadrifoglio line
Quadrifoglio line
Quadrifoglio line

Attention to detail is part of daily life for those who have chosen to dedicate themselves to gardening and agriculture.
The Quadrifoglio collection offers a full range of tools distinguished by the hardness of the blade and the strength of the materials used.
Functional and safe, all models are manufactured with the skill of master craftsmen producing knifes and other agricultural articles.
Whoever spends time farming or gardening is well aware of the importance of tool quality: Coltellerie Paolucci has been satisfying this demand with dedication and skill for more than two hundred years.

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Double-cut pruning shears
€ 54.20
Double-edged pruning shears, carbon steel, aluminium handles, professional

Striking blade pruning shears
€ 61.50
Anvil pruning shears, interchangeable carbon steel blade, aluminum alloy body forged and tempered

Professional pruning shears
  • -€ 4.40
Professional pruning shears
Regular price € 48.40 -€ 4.40 Price
€ 44.00
Professional pruning shears, aluminium framework, interchangeable blade

Pruning shears, french model
€ 4.80
Pruning shears, french model, stainless steel curved blade, plastic handles

Professional saw - blade cm. 35
  • -€ 4.60
Professional saw - blade cm. 35
Regular price € 35.50 -€ 4.60 Price
€ 30.90
Professional gun-shaped handle saw with plastic sheath