Master Chef line
Master Chef line
Master Chef line

The Master Chef knives are the most popular "classics" designed for the needs of the best chefs. They are made of a single piece of non-welded stainless steel (true forged), of the best molybdenum-vanadium alloy that gives the knife hardness, strength and high reliability.
The blades are sharpened by hand for a perfect cut and a practically unlimited duration.
The non-toxic POM riveted handle in black color makes the knife even more robust and at the same time elegant.

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Forged bread knife - cm. 20
€ 55.00

Forged bread knife, entirely serrated stainless steel blade, POM handle

Suitcase for chef with 12 forged knives
€ 1,350.00
Suitcase for chef, in aluminum and PVC, with 12 forged knives, stainless steel blades, POM handles, 1 round sharpening steel and 1 baker spatola with nylon handle